‘Ring Forms’

'Ring Forms' - Sliptrailled and fused bone china.

Materials:- Bone china, sterling silver (supports) and concrete (base).
Dimensions:- w20 × d8 × h26cm

Pencil lines drawn on the kiln shelf mark out the 'ring' shape to guide placement of pre-fired bone china elements.

The ‘Ring Forms’ are assembled directly onto kiln shelves for fusing at 1260°C. Each of the multiple elements, from which the forms are constructed, is broken from a stock of slip-trailed strands or random ‘squiggles’ of pre-fired bone china. These are set carefully beside and on top of each other in four layers then fused together at high temperature to create the unified structure of the completed ‘Ring’.

Carefully placing the final element of a 'Ring Form' before fusing in the kiln.
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